The Not-So-Secret Health & Fitness Benefits of Bike Commuting

Want to lose weight? Improve your overall health? Become more fit?

Riding your bike, even for short periods is incredibly beneficial to your health, no matter your age.

Just like the hundreds (or thousands?) of articles that have already been written about the health benefits of biking, I will briefly harp on how awesome it is for your health.

In 2016, the #1 cause of death in the US remains heart disease. The best way to prevent heart disease remains incorporating physical activity into your every day life. Bike commuting is doubly awesome, because it not only gets you to where you want to go, but it improves your heart health and fitness as you ride. Replacing even 1 commute per week with biking can vastly improve your health.

It doesn’t stop at heart health, bike commuting can also help with:

  • decreasing stress and anxiety
  • preventing or reversing depression
  • decreasing body fat
  • improving core strength and posture
  • increasing muscle strength
  • increasing flexibility

Through improved fitness, cycling helps prevent strokes, diabetes, obesity, and more.

If you want to dive in and see some of the research that backs up these claims, check out this list of studies from People for Bikes.

Unlike other cardio-beneficial activities like running, cycling is also low-impact, meaning it causes less strain and injury to joints and muscles. Cycling is also flexible, allowing you to start at a leisure pace, and increase the intensity as your stamina and fitness improve. Basically, it’s a pretty amazing way to get regular exercise, and it should be at the core of your healthy lifestyle.

Because it’s so simple to start, I believe that bike commuting is the easiest habit you can incorporate into your life that will dramatically improve your health.

Not convinced? Give it a trial run and see what it does for you. For me it’s simple: I’ll choose to improve myself and my health with bike commuting at every opportunity! Riding to work or the store 2-3 times per week has helped me combat my sedentary office job and stay active, keep my heart healthy, and drastically reduce my stress. Without my regular riding, I’d be a different person.

[ featured image courtesy of: Eric Silva ]

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