Get Out and Start Bike Commuting!

I’m not a cycling expert. I’m not a daily hardcore bike commuter. I only started riding regularly in 2012. But when I commute by bike, I love the ride, and I love the myriad of benefits bike commuting brings to my life.

I am writing this blog to champion the idea that anyone can start bike commuting¬† and experience the benefits it brings to your life firsthand; all it takes is a bike, a tiny bit of moxie, and a sense of adventure! Nearly everyone has the potential to incorporate bike riding into their normal routine. I’m sure a dozen barriers immediately jump to mind, but I guarantee they are all surmountable, and it is worth the effort.

So I encourage you, whether you’re an experienced bike rider, or you haven’t pedaled since you were a kid, get out there and try it: bike commuting will improve your life!

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