Mapping Your Bike Commuting Route

If you are making the transition from car driver to bike commuter, you may need to adjust and reacquaint yourself with your route to work through the lens of cycling. Often the best path for a car is not an

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The Secrets to Buying a Newbie Bike (Part 2)

So you’ve already learned the different bike types, and you’ve done a preliminary evaluation of your bike commuting style – now you need to learn how to spot the right bike…

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The Secrets to Buying a Newbie Bike (Part 1)

If you’re just starting out with bike commuting, you might be tempted to start your journey by focusing on the bike. Some people’s instinct is to immediately go out and buy a shiny, fancy (and expensive) new bicycle… don’t! The first step if you’re new to bike commuting should be to prove to yourself that you actually like riding a bike!

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The Not-So-Secret Health & Fitness Benefits of Bike Commuting

Want to lose weight? Improve your overall health? Become more fit?

Riding your bike, even for short periods is incredibly beneficial to your health, no matter your age.

Just like the hundreds (or thousands?) of articles that have already been written about the health benefits of biking, I will briefly harp on how awesome it is for your health…

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Get Out and Start Bike Commuting!

I’m not a cycling expert. I’m not a daily hardcore bike commuter. I only started riding regularly in 2012. But when I commute by bike, I love the ride, and I love the myriad of benefits bike commuting brings to my life…

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